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Santa’s making his list, now you can too

New! Holiday Wish Box gift registry service

In preparation for the holiday season, we are offering a new gift registry service that removes the stress from holiday gift buying for would-be Santas.

Every year we have clients come in and remark how much they’d like a piece of jewelry or a certain sculpture, but they don’t want to directly tell their spouse or family.  Our new Holiday Wish Box will allow for both surprise and a happy holiday.

How it works

  • You register a list of favorite items here at the gallery (or online) and provide the contact information for your potential gift givers.
  • Before the holidays, we will contact your potential givers and let them know about your desired gifts.
  • The contacted giver can then choose the perfect gift from the list. You will not know what was chosen, so the gift will remain a surprise!

If an item that was chosen has already been sold, we (gallery owners Deborah Barrios and Jacqueline Zeitler) will personally help find similar works that will delight you.

How you can use the Rogoway Gallery Holiday Wish Box online

You can also utilize the Holiday Wish Box from the convenience of your own home. Simply follow this link: Holiday Wish Box.

  • Browse this website to find your desired items.
  • Fill out the online form.
  • We will then email the potential gift giver, along with details on how to contact the gallery and make a purchase.

Do you have other questions? Please contact us!

You may call us (520)398-2041 or by email: Rogoway Gallery email form.