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Join us for the FOUR ARTIST Cowboys & Indians show

We are delighted to invite you the hottest Southwestern art show this spring

Please join us for our Cowboys & Indians show featuring four painters who are thrilling the art world with their dynamic work.

The show runs February 25th & 26th from 1 to 4 each day, with light appetizers, cowboy cosmos, beer, and wine served on Saturday, February 25th.

All of the artists will be present and on-hand to discuss their newest paintings. We know you will enjoy meeting these talented men and hearing their stories:

Eric Tippeconnic

Moonlight Drive, Eric Tippeconnic Painting, Rogoway

Moonlight Drive, Eric Tippeconnic
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas – Size: 30 x 48

Eric is a new artist here at Rogoway Gallery, and we are pleased to be able to offer his work to our discerning collectors.

Comanche artist Eric Tippeconnic is an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation on his father’s side and his mother hails from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Using bright, rich and vibrant color combinations, Eric utilizes his artwork to capture movement that serves as a metaphor for the viewer which boldly states that Indigenous American cultures while intimately connected to their history are in fact contemporary, alive, and constantly evolving.

Brandon Bailey

Monsoon Season by Brandon Bailey
Medium: Oil on Canvas – Size: 30 x 60

From as early as he can remember Brandon Bailey has had an immense interest in art. From doing pencil drawings as a child and teenager, Brandon built a foundation which would lead into to a career as a fine artist.

In his work, Bailey tries to harmonize bold, loose brushstrokes with detailed focal points. He paints subjects that he knows firsthand-whether it is a close encounter with a bull elk or being flung into the air by a cantankerous rodeo bull, those life experiences grant him the knowledge needed to render his subjects with the utmost integrity.

Del Curfman

Vanishing Series: Parade, Del Curfman, Rogoway

Vanishing Series: Parade, Del Curfman
Medium: Oil on Canvas – Size: 16″ x 20″

Emerging Artist Del Curfman is an enrolled member of the Crow Nation of Montana. He is currently enrolled and obtaining his BFA in Studio Arts with a focus on painting at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Curfman’s culture has been a constant influence in his life and work. His work represents techniques and styles of Impressionism. With loose brushwork and semi-abstraction he captures the essence of nature.

David K. John

Coming into Spring

Coming into Spring, David K. John
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas – Size: 20″ x 16″

David K. John has lived his own words, working from his own inspiration, creating paintings based on Navajo mythology and stories. Communicating a quiet spirituality that speaks universally, his unique expressions are becoming more widely recognized and admired.

Raised by his great grandfather, David grew up hearing the stories and teachings of his homeland. In his art, John expresses his own interpretations of his childhood learning with the utmost care and respect.

John spent much of his childhood attending healing events-from seasonal rituals to sand painting ceremonies where he often participated and was instructed by the most revered members of his culture. Making no excuses for his spirituality, John is specific about his use of color. Like most native American tribes, the Dine associate particular colors with the four directions: yellow-the west, white- the east, turquoise-the south, and black- the north.

Please join us February 25th and 26th from 1 to 4pm to meet the artists and see their latest work. Appetizers, beer, wine, and cowboy cosmos will be served on Saturday. Please contact the gallery with any questions you may have.

March 2016 featured artist: Del Curfman

Meet our newest artist, Del Curfman

New to Rogoway Turquoise Tortoise – contemporary Native American painting

Painter Del Curfman

Painter Del Curfman

We are pleased to introduce you to Del Curfman, our featured artist for March 2015.

Del is an extraordinary emerging artist who blends his Crow heritage, lessons from the French Impressionists, and contemporary Native American culture into an exciting body of work. Even this early into his fine art career, Del’s fluid images delight collectors through the marriage of ancient culture and a contemporary vibe.

“My biggest inspiration is my culture,” says Del. “All my work starts with family and connects to my home and my people.”

Del, a registered member of the Crow tribe, is a student at the elite Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe where he is working on a double major in Fine Art and Museum Studies. His educational pursuits help guide his work:

“Working with museum items connects history for me in time and space,” Del says. “Interacting with artifacts hundreds of years old helps shape how I communicate with my art.”

After he receives his bachelor’s degree in 2017, Del intends to pursue a graduate degree while growing his fine art career. Eventually, Del hopes to return to the Crow Agency reservation in Montana to start a community art program. Regardless of where he is on his career path, we believe that Del is an artist to watch.

“That people are responding to my work is really a credit to all the people who came before me and who influence me now,” Del says. “I feel like I am just an outlet for my people’s expression.”

We invite you to come by the gallery to see Del’s work. We think you will be as excited by this young talent as much as we are. For information about any of Del’s work, please contact the gallery.

Del Curfman painting

Del Curfman painting

Del Curfman with Vice President Joe Biden in 2015

Del Curfman with Vice President Joe Biden in 2015

February 2016 featured artist: David K. John

Meet our newest artist, David K. John

New to Rogoway Turquoise Tortoise – renowned for contemporary Navajo painting

DavidKJohnDavid K. John is an award-winning Navajo artist who began to paint in earnest in high school. Since then, he has thrilled collectors with his highly symbolic Native American imagery based upon Navajo mythology and stories.

David was raised by his great-grandfather, who imparted to the young artist the the stories and teachings of his people, the Dine. He spent much of his childhood attending and participating in healing events-from seasonal rituals to sand painting ceremonies.

One of David’s iconic images is the Yei Be Chei, an ethereal messenger to the Dine. Since exact replication of the sacred icon is taboo, David modifies the image to the satisfaction of his tribe’s spiritual leaders.

“Paint from your heart; don’t just go along with the latest fad. Your art will last longer then.” ~David K. John

David has won awards for his paintings and masks, including awards at the Inter-tribal Ceremonial in Gallup and the Santa Fe Indian Market.

"Sun Carrier" by David K. John - acrylic on canvas - 24" x 30"

“Sun Carrier” by David K. John – acrylic on canvas – 24″ x 30″

We are pleased to have David as our Featured Artist for February, 2016. You can also meet David in person and see his latest works at the gallery Friday, February 12 – Sunday, February 14.

Are you ready to add a David K. John original painting to your collection? Please contact the gallery with any questions you may have.