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March 2015 featured artist: Carol Ruff Franza

Through March 31, 2015 all Carol Ruff Franza artwork is 10% off

We are pleased to present our March 2015 featured artist: Carol Ruff Franza.

Carol Ruff Franza Profile

Carol Ruff Franza in her studio

Scottsdale artist Carol Ruff Franza is internationally known for her textured bronzes featuring animals, fantasy creatures, and people.

For collectors, many are drawn to the rich textures she achieves in her bronzes. “Because of the texture, my bronzes are both hard and soft at the same time,” Carol says, “so they tend to appeal to both women and men.”

Carol’s newest creations are her mixed media paintings, which feature bas relief sculpture and paint to give her two-dimensional images a three-dimensional feel. Prices for these new works start below $500.

Carol was born in New Orleans to a family of creatives: composers, writers, and artists. She spent her youth in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia, riding horses, playing piano, and learning ballet.

When she got older, she turned her attention to the world of visual art and sought training at Ringling School of Art, Atlanta School of Art, Scottsdale Artist’s School, and Loveland Academy, among others.

Her work has been included in important collections worldwide, including the Georgia governor’s mansion, Scottsdale’s Desert High School, and Scottsdale’s Palomino Library. She has been featured in Southwest Art, Art Talk magazine, Western Art and Architecture, Phoenix Home and Garden, and ABC News. Carol just finished her first museum show at the Pearce Museum in Corsicana, Texas. Congratulations, Carol!

New textural landscape painting by Carol Ruff Franza

“I feel thrice blessed in the creative process. The first blessing is during the exploration and execution in the studio. The second comes when I see the face of someone who is touched in some way by looking at the work. The third blessing comes when my work is taken home by someone who is moved by it. This reminds me of rearing children and watching them leave the nest.” ~Carol Ruff Franza

Are you ready to add a Carol Ruff Franza original to your collection? All purchases of Carol’s work made from March 1 through 31, 2015 will receive a 10% discount.

Please contact the gallery with any questions you may have. You can read more about Carol and see her works on our artist page: Carol Ruff Franza artist page