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Meet the artist Artie Yellowhorse during the Tubac Festival of the Arts

Famed jewelry sensation Artie Yellowhorse will be in our gallery Feb. 8 – 12, 2012.

She’s back, ladies!

This week — beginning on Wednesday, February 8 and running through Sunday, February 12 — we will be welcoming Artie Yellowhorse to our Tubac gallery showroom.

Every year, our jewelry fans eagerly await Artie’s annual visit to our gallery during the Tubac Festival of the Arts week. Artie brings LOTS of new pieces – many of which are one-of-a-kind and are made just for this special event.

Artie brings so many goodies that we set up extra tables just to hold her wearable art treasures.

Are you trying to find that “just right” piece to complement a special blouse or hat? Please bring your garment in with you and Artie will personally help you match your garment with her jewelry.

Jewelry made in the “Navajo Beauty Way”

Artie Yellowhorse specializes in elegant jewelry created with high-quality stones and silver.

Her tasteful designs reflect the simplicity found in the Navajo art aesthetic: simple but with maximum visual impact.

C’mon by ~ You never know who else will be in the gallery!

Several of our favorite artists are planning stops by the gallery during the Tubac Festival of the Arts week. Esther Rogoway, Brent Nageli, and Charles Thomas will also be visiting the gallery during this time.

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