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Judy Richie, Gourd Sculpture

“I consider myself a multimedia artist where the common denominator of all the work is a gourd. Whether creating a piece incorporating Southwest Native design elements or a contemporary sculpture, I like to bring new materials and techniques from other media to the world of gourd art.”~Judy Richie

Judy Richie is a native of Austin, Texas and has been active in art since an early age. While still in high school she was chosen to attend a summer art camp at the University of Texas with the intent to major in art. A minor detour of marriage, six children and moving to Colorado and later to Alaska to marry her present husband, Bob, temporarily interrupted that goal.

After moving near the small town of Lake City, Colorado, Judy painted and ran her own gallery and later owned and operated a bed and breakfast inn for eight years. While in Colorado, Judy attended several oil painting workshops. She also developed an abiding interest in the art and crafts of the Native American, especially those of the Southwest.

While living in the small town of Valdez, Alaska, Judy became interested in gourd art and with the help of the Internet in obtaining supplies, books and articles from varied sources, taught herself the basics of working with gourds. She learned some of her basketry coiling techniques from Aleut and Eskimo women in Alaska.

Judy and her husband retired to Kerrville, Texas in the summer of 2002, where she has a studio and pursues her art a minimum of 30 hours a week. Since moving Kerrville she has expanded her repertoire of presentations and basketry utilizing pine needles, raffia, various grasses, plant fibers, philodendron sheaths, and feathers.

Since moving to Kerrville, Judy has won numerous awards for her work including many Best of Show and People’s Choice awards.

Today, Judy is renowned for her use of patinas on gourds including copper, bronze, brass and silver metal coatings. Her work is featured in collections in Alaska, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Missouri, Florida, Illinois, Utah, Hawaii, Arizona, Illinois, New York City and Canada.

Judy was our featured artist of the month for November, 2014. You can read the profile here: Judy Richie featured artist profile.

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Philonese Baisden, Sculpture

For thirteen years, Philonese has been creating “Nature Spirits” where she combines a three-dimensional style with a strong emphasis on natural textures and colors. This results in extremely rich, artistic expressions that appeal to a broad range of collectors.

Born in Manhattan and raised in South Georgia, Philonese had her first memorable art experience when she made a little clay bowl. She was only in the first grade, but already she was creating from her heart and heritage when she painted her bowl using Southwestern and Native American designs.

At the age of 27, Philonese began to seriously pursue her career as a bas relief painter. She went from selling her works on the streets in Hollywood to working with Phyliss Morris Interiors in Beverly Hills and from there to numerous galleries across the country starting in the early seventies.

Philonese is a self-taught artist, and she brings a special intensity to her work. Working with natural materials from all over the world, she finds that she is driven to blend cultures as she utilizes materials common to the indigenous people of numerous countries including Africa, Indonesia, India, Tibet, and America.

With over forty years of creative mastery, Philonese has been a pioneeer in her field. All of her works of art are uniquely designed as she allows energy from the True Source to guide her creativity.

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Carol Ruff Franza, Sculpture

“I feel thrice blessed in the creative process. The first blessing is during the exploration and execution in the studio. The second comes when I see the face of someone who is touched in some way by looking at the work. The third blessing comes when my work is taken home by someone who is moved by it. This reminds me of rearing children and watching them leave the nest.” ~Carol Ruff Franza

One of the most important aspects of Carol Ruff Franza’s work is texture.

“To me there is beauty in the mark left behind when the clay is struck,” the artist says. “The fingerprints and gouges are unique expressions which record the journal of the creative search.”

Born in New Orleans and reared in southern states including Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia, the imprint of those childhood years spent in the South influences Carol’s artwork to this day.

Carol is formally trained, having attended school at the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, The Atlanta School of Art, Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta, The Scottsdale Artist’s School, and the Loveland Academy.

Carol’s work is featured in important collections worldwide, including the Georgia governor’s mansion in Atlanta. One of Carol’s outdoor installations, a monument to the decade anniversary of Scottsdale’s Desert Mountain High School, is on public display near the city’s Palomino Library. In 2005, Southwest Art Magazine named Carol an “Artist to Watch” in their annual sculpture edition. Today, Carol makes her home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Carol was our featured artist for March 2015.

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Deacon, Sculpture

Deacon brings together his background in the arts, knowledge of anatomy, and study of behavior to create his bronzes.

Deacon was born and raised on the family farm in Kansas. He grew up surrounded by nature and animals. He was your typical artist—as far back as he can remember, he would try to capture the likeness of the farm animals in a drawing or out of wood. His earliest memory of receiving recognition for his talents was in the second grade.

In his approach to a new work, the first rendering is in a realistic form, whether it be human or animal. After the piece has captured the form he is looking for, he then begins to accentuate the design aspect and pushes back the representational features. He is very successful in dramatizing a characteristic of man or beast.

This unique blend of Deacon’s has touched hearts and bridged gaps of collectors of realism and contemporary work alike.

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