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Lawrence Lee, Painting

“You can find yourself in a work of art, but only if you look—and if you are willing to see.” ~Lawrence Lee

Lawrence LeeBest known for his iconic shamanistic images, Lawrence W. Lee has been a professional artist for over forty years.His work is in thousands of private collections around the world as well as in the permanent collections of noted corporations and museums. Born in 1947, he has lived in Tucson, Arizona for much of his life, though he has also lived in the Guatemalan highlands and on a Caribbean island. He has written several books and has had poetry published in both national and international journals. In 2016 he collaborated with Ballet Tucson to create “Spirit Garden,” based on the traditions of Dia de los Muertos.  Since returning to studio work after a brief retirement, he has begun to mix fearlessness with experience in an attempt to imbue his figures with yet more power, and–after a hiatus of some fifty years–he has again started to paint strikingly unique landscapes, abstracts, and non-objective works   .

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Mary Stratton, Painting

“My passion for color just flows onto my boards and I have at least a thousand more paintings in my head or sketched on paper.  I truly love what I am doing and manage to paint almost everyday.” ~Mary Stratton

Though my college education centered around art and interior design, family obligations did not allow me to pursue my artistic interests until much later in my life.   In 2008, and after careers in advertising sales and sales management as well as residential real estate sales, I was finally able to further explore my love of painting and eventually found that cold wax and oil was the medium for me.

As a cold wax and oil artist, I work mainly in the abstract with an emphasis on color exploration.  My love of color leads me to my bold and vivid creations with both smooth and textured surfaces.   I paint on wood panels layering opposite and complimentary colors as I go.  The oil and cold beeswax mixture gives my finished pieces a satiny luster which when fully dry hold up well through all phases of exhibiting and storing.

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Marcia Popp, Pastel and Colored Pencil

“The Devil is in the Details .” ~Marcia Popp

Marcia Popp strives to help others see the details in the world around them and foster their appreciation for “not just the big picture, but all the little details that make up the big picture: the swirls and whirls in an onion skin much like a fingerprint or the way the leaf curls around the stem of the plant, mimicking a circular stairway.”

Marcia Popp

Born in Milwaukee, Marcia Popp’s art career started at a very young age, she recalls “it wasn’t a conscious decision to become an artist, I just was one.” Equipped with her sketchbook and some pencils or paints, Popp could usually be spotted painting the world around her. She took many art classes throughout the years and ultimately received her degree in Fine Art, Drawing from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Popp continues to produce art as she finds inspiration all around her: “Nature is the inspiration for my work. I love the curvilinear shapes and colors found in nature. There are so many colors, intricate shapes, and details providing a never-ending supply of subjects.” She prefers to work with pastels which allow for the ability to work “hands-on” and blend the colors to get the exact hues that she wants; colored pencil accents add definition that help to enhance depth and movement in her pieces as well.

Marcia Popp not only brings a tremendous amount of focus and detail to everything she creates, but her art is filled with love. She is passionate about her art and she creates in the hopes that anyone who sees it can get at least a glimpse of how she sees the world and maybe they can feel inspired too.

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Bert Mayse, Painting

“I love color and shape and all the nuances of both. When driving along, on some random road or highway, there may be an unusual rock formation, a derelict structure or a cloud bank at dusk or dawn, and all the wonderful visuals in between. It’s then time to stop, enjoy the moment and snap a photo to possibly incorporate into a future painting. Some things just seem to paint themselves; God has blessed me as one of the lucky ones who gets to hold the brush.”~Bert Mayse

Henry “Bert” Mayse was born into a second generation cattle ranching family in central West Texas. Before learning his letters, he was constantly sketching with pencils in a Big Chief Tablet. At the tender age of three, his mom wrote “B” the first letter of his middle name for him to copy; he was quick to correct her saying “That’s not a bee; this is a bee.” as he sketched one of the many apian denizens of their flower garden.

Bert Mayse Head Shot

Upon graduating from high school, Bert attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock and graduated with a BFA in Advertising Art and a minor in Marketing and Illustration. He spent the next thirty years in the graphic arts field working with advertising agencies and in-house art departments before venturing into the freelance market. His work has incorporated multiple mediums including acrylic, oils, watercolor, lino-cut and air brush. He was influenced by well-known artists from the “golden age of illustration” like N.C. Wyeth, Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish and later, became an active member of the Houston Society of Illustrators.

During his freelance period, he earned his teaching certificate and secured a position in the Katy Independent School District as an all-level art teacher. He worked with the district for eleven years and enjoyed teaching young artists how to interpret the world through drawing, painting, weaving and working with clay. It was a journey he thought he would never take, but he enjoyed every step of it.

Bert finds inspiration in the unexpected “find” while walking or driving, whether it be an iconic windmill against a pale sky, the shadows of a cactus snugged up against a rock or a fence or soaring canyon walls staged against an approaching storm. “There are so many serendipitous moments when a well-timed photo can become a finished canvas.”

Now, after retirement, Bert focuses on fine art, painting primarily with acrylics. He is married with four children and resides in Houston with his wife Jennifer and four pampered cats and a dog.

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Jim Hollon, Painting

“Every subject has a story — simple, complex, strong, frail, or simply beautiful.  I want to discover it and capture it on canvas.  If a painting is to endure, its story must be appealing and clearly conveyed.  My quest is to achieve that.” ~Jim Hollon

Jim Hollon is a writer-turned-painter.  He spent much of his adult life pursuing a career as a journalist, editor and author.  Late in his career he was urged by a professional artist friend to “get serious” about his art.  He launched headlong into self-directed art studies.  He attended numerous art workshops conducted by artists whom he respected, read books and practiced, practiced, practiced

Jim Hollon

Jim has since had his art in galleries in Oregon and numerous art venues in Arizona, including participation for seven years (and counting) in the annual invitational Mountain Oyster Club show and sale, the prestigious Ironwood Gallery at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, the Four Corners Gallery in the Tucson Desert Art Museum, plus numerous guest artist showings in the Tucson and Tubac areas.  His art is in the homes of collectors from many parts of the U.S.

Jim resides now in Green Valley, Arizona with his wife, Barbara.

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Anna Carlson, Painting

“My art is like a diary made up of paintings rather than words. It is a reflection of my own daily spontaneous thoughts as well as strong feelings that come from my own, or my friends’ and family’s life events.” ~Anna Carlson

In my art, I express what I see, feel, and experience in my life. I often don’t set up the subject or idea before I start painting. I paint from inside out. As a ritual, I turn on music before I paint, and then I just let my feelings take over my hands and pour itself out onto the canvas. The paintings that result from this type of expression are the more spontaneous, free forms that can be seen in my paintings. And yet, there are other times where I can already see the whole picture before I even start. Those paintings can often be identified because I used straight lines and subjects, and the techniques used are much more controlled.

Anna Carlson Photograph

Artist Anna Carlson

I like to try different techniques and am constantly learning something new in the process of creating my art. I choose the abstract art style because it gives me freedom and is less controlled. Variety and change excites me. I love adventure, meeting new people, and discovering new cultures. But I also need some organized, more controlled moments in my life. Those two elements–spontaneity and control/organization–are very important to me in creating complete harmony in my art forms.

My art is not about one specific subject. It is a window into my soul. I am often surprised and excited myself to see what is going to be revealed at the end of the creation. It is like a river that constantly flows and changes. It is very simple and pure from the outside, but deep beneath the surface, it is more than just art. It is life.

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Gretchen Lopez, Painting

I love to paint people, and I also love the added challenges, flesh tone color, proportioning, and capturing the spirit of the individual. Working from life, allows me to have more spontenaity in my work.” ~Gretchen Lopez



 Gretchen’s works are inspired, not only by her love of painting, but from her ethnic heritage, teaching, and the world around her. After majoring in advertising and design, she went on to study fashion illustration at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, then finished out her studies at The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.  As a tenth generation Native of California, Gretchen is a descendant of the First Spanish Settlers and the California Rancheros, with roots stemming from the Chumash and Apache, her work is inspired by this rich Ethnic Heritage.  Vibrant color and spontaneity are expressed in the gentle beauty of the Native and Hispanic people she paints, and by combining the traditional with the contemporary, she is able to paint with freedom.  Gretchen lives in Northern Arizona, where she continues to pursue her love of painting, and has taught at the Sedona Arts Center for over 15 years.  She was nominated for the Viola Award for Excellence in Art Education, and has won awards in the Sedona Plein Aire Festival as well.  At the 2016 Sedona Plein aire Festival, judged by internationally known artist, Lori Putnam, Gretchen won the “Award of Merit”.  Her works are included in numerous private collections, both nationally and internationally, as well in exhibits at The Historic Phippen Museum of Western Art in Prescott Arizona.

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David K. John, Painting

“Paint from your heart; don’t just go along with the latest fad. Your art will last longer then.” ~David K. John

David K. John has lived his own words, working from his own inspiration, creating paintings based on Navajo mythology and stories. Communicating a quiet spirituality that speaks universally, his unique expressions are becoming more widely recognized and admired.


Raised by his great grandfather, David grew up hearing the stories and teachings of his homeland. In his art, John expresses his own interpretations of his childhood learning with the utmost care and respect. John has won many awards for his paintings and masks, including awards at the Intertribal Ceremonial in Gallup and the Santa Fe Indian Market. A sense of peace impacts admirers of David K. John’s paintings. Soft-spoken and humble, John adored his Grandfather, a medicine man who instilled profound, spiritual beliefs in the young Dine. John spent much of his childhood attending healing events-from seasonal rituals to sand painting ceremonies where he often participated and was instructed by the most revered members of his culture. Making no excuses for his spirituality, John is specific about his use of color. Like most native American tribes, the Dine associate particular colors with the four directions: yellow-the west, white- the east, turquoise-the south, and black- the north.

John’s characteristic messenger is the Yei Be Chei, an ethereal messenger to the Dine. Since exact replication of the sacred icon is taboo, he modifies the image to the satisfaction of his tribe’s spiritual leaders. According to collectors, the alteration does not affect the impact of the painting’s message. John believes passing on strong teachings is critical to a better future. He instructs his son and daughter in the teachings he was given. At the same time, he encourages them with 21st century technologies. The children are already perpetuating tradition by selling their own artwork.

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C.A. Santa Maria, Painting

“We clasp the hands of those who go before us, and the hands of those who come after us; and the larger circle of all creatures, passing in and out of life, who move also in a dance, to a music so subtle and vast that no ear hears it except in fragments.” (Wendell Berry) ~C. A. Santa Maria

My Vermont childhood was tapping maple trees, sugar on snow, white wooden church steeples, hanging clothes on the line outside.  Much later came the songs and drums of west Africa, the potters and poets of Mexico.  This was a time of memories of stepping off a plane in Accra into a heat that never left,  a market place filled with the glorious pandemonium of peppery smells, swirls and swishes of deep magentas, wildly lush, savory greens, yellows that filled the sky.


For the next 20 years Mexico graciously shared its strange, exquisite visions of the Huichol, the Oaxacan carved alebrije dream animals, the mysteries and spiritual Days of the Dead.   Infused by this rich variety of “poems” that people live every day,  my art builds on the sounds and magic of the Caribbean, a way of life that is at once simple and yet a complicated mix of ancient Toltec, Maya, Otomi.  I received my Masters from Darmouth College (Hanover, NH) but Africa and Mexico taught me how to be a human being.


My time is divided now by the seasons in Mexico and Vermont.  Lately the night sky of the southwest has called to me.   I still hang my clothes outside because they smell of the sun and the sky when they come off the line.  Because I imagine the sweet, soft breezes that make them dance come from places that have secret songs and if I am patient enough perhaps I can learn them.

Annie is the April 2016 featured artist. Please follow this link to read more: About Annie Santa Maria


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Brandon Bailey, Painting

” Wildlife art has always come naturally to me, I have been fascinated by
both art and the outdoors for as long as I can remember.” ~Brandon Bailey

From as early as he can remember Brandon Bailey has had an immense interest in art.  From doing pencil drawings as a child and teenager, Brandon built a foundation which would lead into to a career as a fine artist.

brandon-baileyWhile in high school Bailey was commissioned by the Game and Fish of Wyoming to create drawings for their hunting regulations that are published worldwide.  During working with the game and fish, Brandon began to show his work at outdoor shows.  In 2010 while attending college, Brandon was invited to participate in the Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show and Sale, where he enjoyed a sellout show.  This first major show has propelled Bailey’s career as a full time western and wildlife artist.

In his work, Bailey tries to harmonize bold, loose brushstrokes with detailed focal points.  He paints subjects that he knows firsthand-whether it is a close encounter with a bull elk or being flung into the air by a cantankerous rodeo bull, those life experiences grant him the knowledge needed to render his subjects with the utmost integrity.


  • Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show and Sale 2010, 2011, 2012,2013
  • Safari Club International Annual Hunters Convention 2012, 2013,2014
  • Calgary Stampede’s Artist Showcase 2012,2013
  • Art of the American Cowboy 2010, 2011, 2012,2013
  • Southeastern Wildlife Expo 2013


  • Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show and Sale People’s Choice for “Sweethearts of the Rodeo” 2011
  • Cheyenne Frontier Days official poster artist for 2012
  • Official Poster/Featured Artist for 2012 Art of the American Cowboy

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