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Leonor Pisano, Jewelry

“Life evolves in much the same way as the jewelry I create is evolving.”

Leonor is an award winning international artist who maintains studios in Isla Negra, Chile and Tucson Arizona.  She has a passion for copper, an important natural resource in both locales.

In recent years Leonor has focused on making unique jewelry with copper and natural materials found in the Sonoran Desert.  Her art pieces combine copper with fine metals such as silver and brass, with turquoise, fresh water pearls, cholla, ironwood and leather.  Pieces often feature brass and copper etched with petroglyphs or her drawings which have been adapted to the etching process.

Her collection features one-of-a-kind and limited editions of exquisite jewelry hand made by Leonor..

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Wolfgang Vaatz, Painting, Sculpture, & Jewelry

“The emphasis of my ‘wearable sculpture’s is on the natural stone. When working with nature’s treasures, my challenge is to first reveal the stone’s artistic value through a series of selective cuts and then to bring out its superb qualities in the final arrangement of the piece, in a way that the art work is bold and direct, engaging and truly comfortable to wear.” ~Wolfgang Vaatz

Namibian-born artist Wolfgang Vaatz is truly an artistic Renaissance man, excelling at painting, sculpture, and jewelry.

For his paintings and sculpture, both mediums draw from the same source of experience: “ordinary” Southwest landscapes which have not found their way into tourist guide books. “The Southwest has far more to offer than the ‘famous,’” says Wolfgang. “I am not interested in copying on canvas a particular sight seeing icon or in changing them in bold ‘contemporary’ colors or shapes. There is the familiar, ‘ordinary’ arid landscape that is spectacular with often overlooked distinctive, subtle details.”

Wolfgang believes that it is important for him to translate the tranquility, vastness, and richness of this landscape: “This arid landscape can offer so much if we learn to see and to appreciate it,” he says.

In 2009, Wolfgang moved from Sedona to Rio Rico in southern Arizona. Through the new environment and his little daughter’s interest, he was inspired to create wearable art.

Transforming quickly to work with natural stones and metal, his outpouring of creative energy surprised the artist. “I feel like this type of work was waiting for a long, long time to emerge,” Wolfgang says.

All his experience as a painter and sculptor and a life-long passion for gems and minerals that started during his childhood years in Namibia guide him to create intriguing jewelry– small wearable sculptures in a contemporary style with a Southwestern feel.

Wolfgang employs hand cut, semi-precious stones in his wearable art. He often uses rare stones such as Dominican Larimar from the Caribbean and Pietersite from Namibia as well as exquisite examples of local stones such as Arizona Kingman Turquoise. He combines these stones with his distinctive fabricated, shaped, forged, and soldered sterling silver.

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Wayne Muskett, Jewelry

Wayne Muskett only uses gemstones that are bright and high-grade quality.

Wayne Muskett was born in Gallup, New Mexico, a diverse Navajo Reservation border town of trading posts and tourists.

Wayne’s inlay jewelry—bracelets, pendants, earrings, and necklaces—are created with “the bright stones of the earth”: turquoise, blue lapis, denim lapis, green malachite, red coral, sugulite, black onyx, fossilized ivory, tiger eyes and opal.

Today, Wayne lives in Crownpoint, New Mexico with his wife Darcia and daughter Alesia.

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Artie Yellowhorse, Jewelry



Navajo families bond in many ways. For the Yellowhorse family, fine jewelry design is the common theme. The influences of the Navajo culture are apparent in this beautiful wearable art, which evolved out of generations of artistic talent and innovation.

Jewelry artist Artie Yellowhorse is the matriarch of a family reared in Navajo jewelry making tradition.

Artie’s two daughters, Desiree and Lei Lani, create and design jewelry with their mother. Desiree is an accomplished designer, known for her one of a kind, “Tahy” necklaces, named in honor of her Grandmother, Anna Tahy. Lei Lani specializes in making handmade silver beads and also works with Artie marketing jewelry and public relations.

In addition to her daughters, other family members also work with Artie, including sister Gloria Yellowhorse and nephew Richard Yellowhorse.

Artie’s dream is that the Yellowhorse designs of today live on to inspire the young artists of tomorrow in the Navajo Beauty Way.

Artie lives in Corrales, New Mexico and is the proud grandmother of seven grandchildren.

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Christin Wolf, Jewelry

Christin Wolf is a nationally recognized jewelry designer known for blending timeless lines and contemporary style with a vibrant southwest color pallette.

For the past 30 years Christin Wolf has been recognized as a leader in Southwest jewelry design.

Christin Wolf Jewelry is handcrafted by Native Americans in the Christin Wolf Studio in Albuquerque’s Old Town.

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