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December 2015 featured artist: Lil Leclerc

Through 12/31/2015 – All Lil Leclerc art is 15% off

Young Love by Lil Leclerc - 12x24 - oil - $925

Young Love by Lil Leclerc – 12″ x 24″ – oil – $925

We are pleased to present our December 2015 featured artist: Lil Leclerc.

Lil Leclerc had always been interested in painting, but this self-taught artist didn’t fully come into her own until she moved from Canada to Chochise County 35 years ago.

“A friend of mine kept asking me to come outside and paint with her,” says Lil. “Little by little, our group increased to over 10 painters and our group, The Cochise Outdoors Painters, began having annual exhibits in Douglas, Arizona of our plein air work.”

In addition to her work en plein air, Lil also works extensively in the studio, with her outside endeavors informing the larger works she does inside. “The saguaros, ocotillo, and especially the beautiful Arizona sunshine inspires me when I’m in the studio,” Lil says.

High Lonesome View by Lil Leclerc; plein air - 6x8 - oil 350

High Lonesome View by Lil Leclerc; plein air – 6″ x 8″ – oil $350

Lil works almost exclusively in oils, but purposely keeps her prices in a range affordable for most families ($350 to $1,500). She also only produces “happy” images and destroys any painting with a more somber tone. “People tell me that when they look at my work, they feel peace and contentment,” Lil says. “That’s how I know I have a success – when I inspire people to be happy.”

Tumacacori Mission by Lil Leclerc - 12 x 24 - oil 925

Tumacacori Mission by Lil Leclerc – 12″ x 24″ – oil – $925


Are you ready to add a Lil Leclerc original oil to your collection? All purchases of Lil’s work from December 1 through 31, 2015 will receive a 15% discount.

Please contact the gallery with any questions you may have. You can see more of Lil’s work on our artist page: Lil Leclerc artist page.

The fall season is here with Brandon Bailey and a fashion show

Congratulations to painter Brandon Bailey!

Last year, we were pleased to introduce you to emerging artist Brandon Bailey. Now, it is with great joy that we share with you his latest career accomplishment: being selected the 2015 Featured Artist at the Art of the American Cowboy show at this year’s National Finals Rodeo.


Bull’s Eye by Brandon Bailey – oil on canvas, 30″ x 40″ – $6,200
The show’s official image, Bull’s Eye, is available for sale at Rogoway gallery

Official image of the NFR art show available at Rogoway Gallery

Brandon’s iconic Western image, Bull’s Eye, is the official image of the show – and Brandon is allowing us to find the right home for this celebrated work of art. Bull’s Eye is an action-packed painting, showing a precarious situation for a rodeo bullrider. Says the Brandon: “I used to rodeo in college, and there is a terrifying time when you know the bull is on top of you…but you aren’t sure exactly where.”

Come meet Brandon and get 15% off of any of his paintings

Growing Pains by Brandon Bailey oil on canvas, 16" x 20" - $2,000

Growing Pains by Brandon Bailey
oil on canvas, 16″ x 20″ – $2,000

Brandon will be demonstrating his painting technique at our gallery November 6, 7, and 8 from 11 to 4 each day (during the Tubac Fall Arts & Crafts Festival). He will also be bringing brand new work in all price ranges.

And as a special bonus for our clients and friends, now through November 30, 2015, all of Brandon’s paintings are 15% off.

When asked about his recent career advances, Brandon takes a humble view. “As artists and as people, we are always emerging. I am just very thankful for these blessings along the way.”


Fall Fashion Show with irresistible clothes, jewelry, and boots

Saturday, November 7, 2015 at 3 pm – Held in conjunction with Tubac Territory during the Tubac Fall Arts and Crafts Festival

Designer Ruby Sanders offers a preview of the Southwestern-flavored ensembles that will be featured in the November 7th fashion show.

Designer Ruby Sanders offers a preview of the Southwestern-flavored ensembles that will be featured in the November 7th fashion show.

Who needs New York? We invite you to join us for a fashion show right here in Tubac!

On Saturday, November 7th at 3pm, we and Tubac Territory Gallery will be hosting live models on our “sidewalk catwalk.” All items featured in the show, Ruby Jane apparel, fine art jewelry, and J. Gilbert footwear, will be available for sale so that you can look smashing for the holiday season ahead.

About Ruby Jane Apparel

Arizona-based design house Ruby Jane Apparel specializes in stylish garments that flatter the female shape while minimizing those pesky trouble spots like the hips, tummy and thighs. Designer Ruby Sanders creates her collection in easy-care rayon knit – a luxe fabric that doesn’t need dry cleaning and feels as comfy as your favorite pair of pajamas.

Our show will feature Ruby Jane’s new Fall 2015 line – cool-weather creations that can carry you from casual occasions to festive holiday affairs. All Ruby Jane designs are proudly made in Southern Arizona.

About J. Gilbert Footwear

The fashion scene at J. Gilbert Footwear in Tucson is eclectic, offering a thrilling mix of apparel, footwear, and accessories from Mexico to Milan. The crown jewel of the J. Gilbert collection is their selection of exotic and exclusive cowboy boots, handcrafted by celebrated leather artists.

A representative from J. Gilbert will be present with a large selection these high-art boots for both women and men. J. Gilbert Footwear is the largest Lucchese custom boot designer and retailer in the United States.

Ruby Jane Apparel - all items are easy care rayon spandex; prices start at $82

Ruby Jane Apparel – all items are easy care rayon spandex; prices start at $82

Fine Art Jewelry and snazzy cowboy boots

Accessorizing Ruby Jane’s Fall 2015 line will be fine art jewelry from the Rogoway Turquoise Tortoise collection and hand-crafted cowboy boots from the J. Gilbert footwear gallery in Tucson.

Fine art jewelry by Wolfgang Vaatz and Artie Yellowhorse at Rogoway Gallery

Fine art jewelry by Wolfgang Vaatz and Artie Yellowhorse

Handcrafted ladies boots from J. Gilbert Footwear

Handcrafted ladies boots from J. Gilbert Footwear

If you would like information on Brandon’s paintings including “Bull’s Eye” or the fashion show events, please call the gallery at 520-398-2041.

Check us out on AZ Highways TV!

We were delighted to be featured recently on AZ Highways TV!

Please check out the episode (or scroll to minute 21) to see the gallery.

We wish to thank Arizona Highways for featuring us!

March 2015 featured artist: Carol Ruff Franza

Through March 31, 2015 all Carol Ruff Franza artwork is 10% off

We are pleased to present our March 2015 featured artist: Carol Ruff Franza.

Carol Ruff Franza Profile

Carol Ruff Franza in her studio

Scottsdale artist Carol Ruff Franza is internationally known for her textured bronzes featuring animals, fantasy creatures, and people.

For collectors, many are drawn to the rich textures she achieves in her bronzes. “Because of the texture, my bronzes are both hard and soft at the same time,” Carol says, “so they tend to appeal to both women and men.”

Carol’s newest creations are her mixed media paintings, which feature bas relief sculpture and paint to give her two-dimensional images a three-dimensional feel. Prices for these new works start below $500.

Carol was born in New Orleans to a family of creatives: composers, writers, and artists. She spent her youth in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia, riding horses, playing piano, and learning ballet.

When she got older, she turned her attention to the world of visual art and sought training at Ringling School of Art, Atlanta School of Art, Scottsdale Artist’s School, and Loveland Academy, among others.

Her work has been included in important collections worldwide, including the Georgia governor’s mansion, Scottsdale’s Desert High School, and Scottsdale’s Palomino Library. She has been featured in Southwest Art, Art Talk magazine, Western Art and Architecture, Phoenix Home and Garden, and ABC News. Carol just finished her first museum show at the Pearce Museum in Corsicana, Texas. Congratulations, Carol!

New textural landscape painting by Carol Ruff Franza

“I feel thrice blessed in the creative process. The first blessing is during the exploration and execution in the studio. The second comes when I see the face of someone who is touched in some way by looking at the work. The third blessing comes when my work is taken home by someone who is moved by it. This reminds me of rearing children and watching them leave the nest.” ~Carol Ruff Franza

Are you ready to add a Carol Ruff Franza original to your collection? All purchases of Carol’s work made from March 1 through 31, 2015 will receive a 10% discount.

Please contact the gallery with any questions you may have. You can read more about Carol and see her works on our artist page: Carol Ruff Franza artist page

February featured artist: Brandon Bailey

Through February 28, 2015 – all Brandon Bailey artwork is 15% off

We are pleased to present our February featured artist: Brandon Bailey.


Have you ever looked at a cow? Not the whizz-past-them-on-the-state-road kind of look, but really looked at one of our bovine neighbors? Cows (and horses, lions, and zebras for that matter) can display an array of deep emotions and personality.

Artist Brandon Bailey of Wyoming captures the inner spark of the animals he portrays — giving his viewers an up-close-and-personal introduction to our four-legged brethren.

Brandon has come to his animal knowledge through years of working with them, especially horses and bulls from his bullriding/rodeoing days in his hometown of Cheyenne. And although he still calls Cheyenne home, he and his wife (painter Priscilla Sandoz) have traveled to Africa and New Zealand to see some of this planet’s wildlife in their natural environs.

“I believe unless I have observed and interacted with these animals, there is something missing in any story I might want to tell,” says Brandon. “Whether my paintings show Western horses and longhorns or African wildlife, the common thread in the images is the experience with the animals.”

The artist, who has just turned 30, originally went to college with the goal of teaching art. But by the time he entered his last year of school, the demand for his work in galleries and shows eclipsed any available study time. He left college with less than a semester left; Brandon has since embarked on a self-study regime of travel, research into art movements, and private training with accomplished artists.


“Renegades” by Brandon Bailey; oil on canvas, 24″ x 50″


"Momma's Boy" by Brandon Bailey

“Momma’s Boy” by Brandon Bailey

Brandon’s efforts have already paid off: In the five years since he has been painting professionally, he has already been admitted into the prestigious Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show and Sale, the Calgary Stampede’s Artist Showcase, and the Art of the American Cowboy, among others.

His awards include Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show and Sale People’s Choice for “Sweethearts of the Rodeo” 2011, Cheyenne Frontier Days official poster artist for 2012, and Official Poster/Featured Artist for 2012 Art of the American Cowboy.

Even though he has experienced acclaim at such a young age, Brandon keeps his boots planted on the ground. “My biggest blessing is that people have believed in me and given me a chance,” he says. “I look forward to growing with Rogoway Gallery as my career progresses.”


Are you ready to add a Brandon Bailey painting to your collection? All purchases of Brandon’s work made from February 1 through 28, 2015 will receive a 15% discount.

Please contact the gallery with any questions you may have. You can read more about Brandon and see his works on his artist page: Brandon Bailey artist page

January featured artist: Michaelin Otis

Through January 31, 2015 – all Michaelin Otis artwork is 15% off

We are pleased to present our January featured artist: Michaelin Otis.

Michaelin Otis is a nationally known artist, workshop leader, art show juror and author.

Michaelin Otis collage artwork at Rogoway Turquoise Tortoise Gallery in Tubac AZ

“Arab Motion” by Michaelin Otis

For the past five years, Michaelin has worked exclusively in collage, occasionally enhancing her art with charcoal. The artist chooses this demanding medium because of the creative expression collage affords.

“Collage is so expressive,” Michaelin says. “It feels like sculpting instead of painting.”

So committed is she to exploring the limits of the medium, Michaelin has started making her own papers to enhance her works. Each paper is made exclusively for the painting in progress, ensuring that no two of her paintings will ever be alike. “My collectors know that they have one-of-a-kind, time-intensive creations,” the artist says.

Another benefit to the collector is that each one of Michaelin’s collage painting are truly archival and will last well over 100 years without cracking or peeling. The artist achieves this result through hand-applying many painstaking layers of varnish and UV-protectant.

Michaelin Otis artwork at Rogoway Gallery

“Alert Harris” by Michaelin Otis, Collage, 30″ x 30″

Michaelin owned Avalon Arts, a gallery and teaching studio in White Bear Lake, MN for 18 years. Her well-received book, Watercolor for the Fun of It – Painting People, was published by North Light Books in 2005. She is a contributing author for Drawing and Painting People – The Essential Guide, and has illustrated 10 children’s books. She has also won numerous awards in juried shows across the country, and has her signature membership in the Louisiana Watercolor Society, the Taos National Society of Watercolors and Artists Changing Tomorrow.

Are you ready to add a Michaelin Otis collage painting to your collection? All purchases of Michaelin’s work made from January 1 through 31, 2015 will receive a 15% discount.

Please contact the gallery with any questions you may have. You can read more about Michaelin and see her works in our gallery, on her artist page: Michaelin Otis artist page

December 2014 featured artist: Sharon Weiser

Sharon Weiser – painter of kaleidoscopic Southwestern imagery.

We were pleased to present Sharon Weiser as our December, 2014 featured artist

Conversation comes to a halt when people see Sharon Weiser’s paintings on exhibit. To the desert dweller, the subject matter is familiar – but those colors! Sharon gives us a view of desert flora as only the mind’s eye of an artist could produce.

Desert Garden #17, 36x46, oil on canvas

Sharon Weiser Desert Garden #17, 36″ x 46″, oil on canvas

But we invite you to look closer. Sharon’s works are more than brilliant studies in color, they are also compositional triumphs. Sharon simplifies the subject matter down to its essential elements and deftly balances the intersection of shape and space. “After a while, I don’t see cacti anymore,” Sharon says. “I see tall skinny forms or little round forms and I focus on how to make these shapes visually interesting.”

Sharon employs an uncommon technique to create her paintings. First, she roughs in the composition with quick-drying acrylics, solidifying her concept. Then, the artist completes the work with oils – giving herself time to focus on detail and technical proficiency.

Sharon Weiser at Rogoway Gallery

Sharon Weiser at Rogoway Gallery

You might be surprised to learn that Sharon renders all the hues of her work with only five tubes of paint: white, yellow, warm red, cool red, and blue. “By creating all my variation with just these few colors – red, blue, and yellow – I can create a color harmony that unites the work,” she says.

Sharon holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and has taught classes in watercolor, oil, acrylic, and drawing since 1978.

Her work is featured in collections all over the United States, including the corporate collections of Ramada Inn, Days Inn, Holiday Inn, Best Western, and the Coral Island and Princess cruise ships. She is the recipient of many awards has been featured in American Artist, The Artist’s Magazine, Phoenix Home and Garden, and Cowboys and Indians.

You can read more about Sharon and see her works in our gallery, on her artist page: Sharon Weiser artist page

Are you ready to add a Sharon Weiser painting to your collection? Please contact the gallery with any questions you may have.

Judy Richie Gourd Art

Judy Richie was our November, 2014 Featured Artist

We are pleased to present our November featured artist: Judy Richie – creator of fine sculpture from the organic shapes of gourds.

Judy Richie standing next to her piece, Au Natural. The gourd sculpture is about 3 ft tall.

In the hands of a true artist, even the humblest of materials can become fine art—a principle embodied by Judy Richie and her award-winning gourd sculpture.

The gourd sculpture of Judy Richie

Gourds are relatives of pumpkins and squash that have been grown since antiquity for use as dippers and containers. But in her Kerrville, Texas studio, Judy transforms these simple fruits into masks, vessels, and kachinas to the delight of collectors nationwide.

Her process is as organic as the materials themselves. “I design directly on to the gourd and it evolves into the finished piece,” Judy says. “Gourds have a mind of their own. I’ll set out to do one thing and the gourd tells me something else!”

The artist’s technique

Judy achieves her designs with decidedly modern technology using Dremels, wood burners, and other power tools to transform the gourds into the finished art. “One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a six-inch belt sander,” the artist says.

The artist also employs extensive hand-embellishment in her sculptural art, including acrylics, oils, wood dyes, alcohol-based dyes, crushed gemstones, and cabochons, among other materials. Many of her creations feature meticulous pine needle hand-coiling, a process Judy performs start-to-finish from pine needle preparation to finished work.

Splash of Color, 12 inches tall, by Judy Richie

The resilience of gourd art

Collectors take note: The dried gourds are not only beautiful, but also are resilient and resistant to insects or decay. “A dried gourd has a hard cellular structure like wood,” Judy says. Prices of Judy’s work range from $300 to $2,500.

Please contact the gallery with any questions you may have. You can read more about Judy and see her works in our gallery, on her artist page: Judy Richie artist page

Tubac Spring Art Walk event: Painting and sculpture show and sale with Albert Dreher and Kathy Anderson

Featured artists: Tucson painter Albert Dreher and figurative bronze sculptor Kathy Anderson

Art fans–make sure and come by the gallery during Spring Art Walk to see new works and meet the artists, March 15 – 16, 2014

Visitors to historic Tubac will enjoy a variety of demonstrations by local and visiting artists during the weekend of March 15 & 16, 2014. Albert and Kathy will be in our gallery from 1 to 5pm both days.

Spring Art Walk 2014

About ArtWalk

ArtWalk is a weekend celebration of art! Tubac comes alive with art and creativity that gives visitors an opportunity to meet artists first-hand at the village’s galleries and studios. Art lovers can find watercolors, oil paintings, sculpture, pottery, metalwork, and fine jewelry.

ArtWalk hours are 10am to 5pm daily, with free admission. For more information, please contact the Chamber of Commerce at (520) 398-2704 or visit www.tubacaz.com.

Light from Midheaven” by Albert Dreher

“Light from Midheaven” by Albert Dreher • oil wash

Questions? Please contact us for more information: Contact Rogoway Turquoise Tortoise Gallery

Famed Navajo jeweler Artie Yellowhorse in person at Rogoway Gallery during the Tubac Festival of the Arts 2014

We are pleased to announce an exciting engagement with celebrated Navajo jewelry artist Artie Yellowhorse from February 7 – 9, 2014.


Yellowhorse is the matriarch of a family reared in the Navajo jewelry making tradition who specialize in fine handcrafted silver and stone jewelry made in “the Navajo beauty way.”

Yellowhorse will be at the gallery all day, February 7th through the 9th, 2014

To accommodate the crowds of people who turn out annually to see Yellowhorse, we’ve arranged for the artist to be on-site in the gallery all day, from 10am to 5pm, February 7th through February 9th. Visitors can stop by the gallery, meet the artist, and try on jewelry.

See the artist’s brand new jewelry

Yellowhorse prepares all year for her week-long show at our gallery. She arrives with hundreds of brand new necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, including many one-of-a-kind pieces.

Yellowhorse setting up her new jewelry pieces last year in 2013

“Coming to Tubac is one of my favorite events of the year,” says Yellowhorse. “The people and atmosphere are wonderful—and I enjoy getting know the wide range of women who love handmade, quality jewelry.”

One of our most popular events

Yellowhorse Necklace

Green turquoise and sterling silver Artie Yellowhorse pendant and beaded necklace

What started as a one-time show with Yellowhorse years ago has blossomed into an annual gallery event with hundreds of people turning out each day to meet and visit with the artist.

Patrons always have a blast meeting her and having her help them select that perfect piece of jewelry.

About Artie Yellowhorse

Yellowhorse was raised on the Navajo reservation and is part of the Towering House Clan. She is a third-generation silversmith, a practice begun by her grandfather, Cuthair Yellowhorse.

Today, Yellowhorse’s two daughters, Desiree and Lei Lani, create and design jewelry with their mother. Other family members also work in the business, including sister Gloria Yellowhorse and nephew Richard Yellowhorse. The family employs skilled Navajo and Pueblo artisans to produce the Yellowhorse Family designs.

Yellowhorse lives in Corrales, New Mexico and is the proud grandmother of seven grandchildren.

Appearance by Yellowhorse coincides with the Tubac Festival of the Arts

We’re holding the Yellowhorse show during the annual Tubac Festival of the Arts, one of the town’s largest events. Visitors from around the country come to Tubac during the festival.