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We invite you to join us at our Tubac gallery for these events. Come enjoy a welcoming atmosphere and some of the best art available in the Southwest.

NEW! The Weekend Art series
Every weekend we present your favorite artists, demonstrating their work and answering your questions.

We know how much art collectors enjoy seeing the behind-the-scenes of how their favorite artists create their work so we have developed a new artist series just for you!

Every weekend (beginning January 26th) we will host artists in our gallery, painting, sculpting, chatting with you, and answering your questions. Each artist will be in the gallery from 12 – 4 pm on their scheduled day and you are welcome to drop in at your convenience.

Check out our artist schedule for this exciting series:

January 26, 2019Carol Ruff Franza, sculptor
January 27, 2019Brian Vikander, photographer
February 2, 2019Sharon Weiser, painter
February 8-10, 2019Artie Yellowhorse, jewelry designer
February 16, 2016Lil Leclerc, painter
February 17, 2019Lisa Larrabee, painter
February 23, 2019Manny Valenzuela, painter
February 23-24, 2019Albert Dreher, painter
March 2, 2019Carol Ruff Franza, sculptor
March 3, 2019Felicia, sculptor
March 9, 2019David Flitner, painter
March 15, 2019Anna Carlson, painter
March 15-17, 2019Michaelin Otis, painter/multimedia artist
March 17, 2019 Gretchen Lopez, painter
March 24, 2019Charles Thomas, painter
March 30-31, 2019Kenneth Ober, painter

For other Tubac village happenings, please check out these resources:

Tubac Chamber of Commerce

The Tubac Chamber of Commerce lists Tubac-area events, including lectures, art receptions, and festivals.

Tubac Golf Resort & Spa

The Tubac Golf Resort & Spa hosts events ranging from golfing and painting classes to delicious holiday meals. The resort has golf courses, a spa, and many more amenities, listed on the Tubac Golf Resort and Spa website.

Tubac Presidio State Historic Park and Museum

The Tubac Presidio State Historic Park and Museum preserves the oldest remaining presidio (Spanish for fort) in Arizona. The Museum hosts classes, exhibitions, and tours.

Tubac Center of the Arts

The Tubac Center of the Arts is a non-profit organization that supports arts in the Tubac and Santa Cruz Valley area. The Center has many types of events–exhibitions and cultural travels.

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