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“ While much of my inspiration comes from living in the southwest, where many cultures merge and colors and shapes abound, my love of Native American, Middle Eastern, African and Asian art influence my jewelry creating a more ethnic rather than traditional style.” ~Tricia Anderson


Unlike some whose early childhood dreams are realized as an adult, Tricia Anderson didn’t have a dream to become the artist she is today.  Instead, her “dream” is becoming clear as her talent evolves.  Her creations are literally the results of her dreams. Head Shot
Tricia began her career as a fiber artist painting on coats and handbags.  As her success grew, she opened up her own boutique, fashion shows, and then expanded into the wholesale market with her exclusive line of denim and leather coats. Her business grew to where she had fifteen reps who sold for across the United States.  Her specialty line of hand painted coats were in Nordstrom’s, Canyon Ranch, Aspen, Arizona, California, Chicago and Texas.  Tricia’s hand painted coats and jewelry have been featured in Tucson Guide Magazine, The Aspen Catalogue, Southwest Art Magazine, and the Dallas Apparel Mart.  While she still paints on canvas and fabric, for the last twelve years she has focused on designing and creating her award winning one of a kind jewelry using semi-precious stones and sterling silver.
In 2005  Tricia was the featured artist at the Festival of the Arts show in Fountain Hills, one of the largest art shows in Arizona, and second place in the jewelry category at the  2007 Indian Wells Arts Festival in Palm Springs California.  Tricia has also been featured on the Good Morning Vail  television show and Good Morning Arizona.
Tricia believes that just as each woman is unique, so should her adornments be, and for that reason, does only one of a kind pieces.

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