| Rogoway Turquoise Tortoise Gallery | Tubac AZ

“I don’t use models. I just work out of my head. I’ll just start a piece and see where it takes me.”~Siri Hollander

Spanish-born sculptor Siri Hollander grew up believing that she could make it as an artist despite, as she freely admits, that she has no ability to draw.

Siri began her artistic explorations as a young girl. By age 16, she was creating human figures, wild cats, and dogs out of pieces of chicken wire, string and duct-tape. She is largely self-taught, apprenticing with several sculptors in Spain.

In the beginning, Siri’s her work was more abstract. “Now,” says the artist, “I want to mix the abstract with the details.” Whether horses or humans, sculpting her subject matter gives Siri the same rush she experienced as a girl riding through the hills of Spain.

“The coolest thing about sculpting for me is that it blanks out the universe,” she says. “It’s what people strive for in meditation and it is the same feeling I have when I ride horses.”

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