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Known for her powerful landscapes, cloudscapes and abstract drawings, Sara Shawger has always been inspired by the majesty of nature and the eternal conflict between order and chaos.

Sara Shawger’s paintings and drawings are characterized by the repetition of lines and loose boxes or squares that fade in and out of the surface, revealing the depth, moods and hidden colors of the subject. Low horizons and a strong vertical emphasis keep the focus above the horizon, into the sky and beyond.

Her signature marks and patterns are not by accident. “I believe we all have an inner language developed from childhood of signs and symbols,” the artist said “Sometimes, I find myself doing pages of these, as if by a need to communicate in my own way.”

The artist defines abstraction in her art as an extreme close-up of the subject to the point of no longer recognizing its whole. Being so close, the viewer can get a rare glimpse of the object’s intricate space and enter its vivid, complex and sometimes strange world.

Santa Fe has been a catalyst of sorts for Sara’s artistic endeavors. After her first visit years ago, she began a series of landscape drawings with bold colors, lines and shapes that more closely depict the boundless landscapes of the southwest. The resulting images rest somewhere in the balance between imagination and reality.

Sara was formally trained at West Virginia Wesleyan College, where she received a degree in English and studio art. She earned a master’s degree in painting and drawing at Virginia’s James Madison University. She was also a college art teacher for five years, prior to redirecting her professional life toward a career as an artist.

A native of Pennsylvania, Sara now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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