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“My passion comes from all the perfection in the creation surrounding us. How fortunate I am for another breath, to listen to the meadowlark, to smell the sweetness of the flower, to watch the dew roll off the petal in the early daylight hour. All so inspiring in my heart, to the canvas, then to the wall as a painting in someones home. Touching them as deeply as I am moved to deliver the message…  ” ~Nance Franklin


Nance Franklin is a self-taught artist that had a passion to paint as a small child, painting portraits of people who touched her life.  In 1983 – 1984, Nance spent several months traveling throughout Europe and Israel, studying the techniques and mediums of the great masters.  Her oil painting technique involves detail and multi-layering to gain depth of color and translucency to the subject matter and to achieve the look of realism.  After studying under German artist / finisher Karl-Heinz Meschbauch, Santa Fe artist Armond Lara, and the influence and respect for artist Gib Singleton, Nance began a successful decorative and commissioned painting business in 1992.  Her work is a reflection of infinite patience and precision.

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