| Rogoway Turquoise Tortoise Gallery | Tubac AZ

“My passion for color just flows onto my boards and I have at least a thousand more paintings in my head or sketched on paper.  I truly love what I am doing and manage to paint almost everyday.” ~Mary Stratton

Though my college education centered around art and interior design, family obligations did not allow me to pursue my artistic interests until much later in my life.   In 2008, and after careers in advertising sales and sales management as well as residential real estate sales, I was finally able to further explore my love of painting and eventually found that cold wax and oil was the medium for me.

As a cold wax and oil artist, I work mainly in the abstract with an emphasis on color exploration.  My love of color leads me to my bold and vivid creations with both smooth and textured surfaces.   I paint on wood panels layering opposite and complimentary colors as I go.  The oil and cold beeswax mixture gives my finished pieces a satiny luster which when fully dry hold up well through all phases of exhibiting and storing.

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