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“The Devil is in the Details .” ~Marcia Popp

Marcia Popp strives to help others see the details in the world around them and foster their appreciation for “not just the big picture, but all the little details that make up the big picture: the swirls and whirls in an onion skin much like a fingerprint or the way the leaf curls around the stem of the plant, mimicking a circular stairway.”

Marcia Popp

Born in Milwaukee, Marcia Popp’s art career started at a very young age, she recalls “it wasn’t a conscious decision to become an artist, I just was one.” Equipped with her sketchbook and some pencils or paints, Popp could usually be spotted painting the world around her. She took many art classes throughout the years and ultimately received her degree in Fine Art, Drawing from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Popp continues to produce art as she finds inspiration all around her: “Nature is the inspiration for my work. I love the curvilinear shapes and colors found in nature. There are so many colors, intricate shapes, and details providing a never-ending supply of subjects.” She prefers to work with pastels which allow for the ability to work “hands-on” and blend the colors to get the exact hues that she wants; colored pencil accents add definition that help to enhance depth and movement in her pieces as well.

Marcia Popp not only brings a tremendous amount of focus and detail to everything she creates, but her art is filled with love. She is passionate about her art and she creates in the hopes that anyone who sees it can get at least a glimpse of how she sees the world and maybe they can feel inspired too.

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