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“I want to create an elegant, ethereal quality that translates into a form of visual poetry.”~ Lisa Larrabee

Lisa Larrabee is a fine artist painting and teaching in her hometown of Tucson, Arizona. After graduating first in her class from the esteemed Kansas City Art Institute, Lisa began working traditionally in portraiture. Combining accuracy and observation with the intangible qualities of each individual subject proved challenging and rewarding. In addition to her portraits, Lisa was lured by the poetic potential to communicate feelings through landscape paintings. She finds inspiration in the colors, patterns and ever-changing light of landscapes. Lisa’s landscape paintings often capture a sense of atmosphere, rich color and the lost edges typical of Tonalism.

Lisa LarrabeeWe are all interconnected with our environment. Our emotions and experiences are often reflected in nature through repeating patterns that affect all living things. To explore this concept, Lisa began experimenting with combining figures and landscapes in ways that manipulate boundaries and allow for similar rhythms, colors and values to merge.   These paintings imply the connection, both physically and symbolically, between the figure and their environment. Lisa describes her work as capturing moments where we feel one with our surroundings. “My paintings focus on transitional moments in both landscapes and in life. Seasons change, days begin and end, children are born and grow. We are part of a universal story. I use the relationship between the figure and the environment in a way that is increasingly allegorical.”

Lisa Larrabee has received recognition and awards in numerous international juried exhibitions. Her work has been displayed in New York City, Kimberly, WI, Scottsdale, AZ, Kansas City, MO, Tucson, AZ and is in private collections across the country. As an instructor at the Southwest University of Visual Arts, Lisa is continuously inspired by the creativity of her students. She is also inspired by the inquisitive nature of her young twin boys who are always exploring and pointing out the beauty in everyday things around them.

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