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“My current paintings are about perception and projection through abstract visual cues by using simple marks that speak of time and space.” ~Kenneth Ober



Kenneth Houghton Ober was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on February 22, 1972. Kenneth’s creative abilities began to surface in elementary school and had become his focus by high school. Through the guidance of an excellent teacher, he was encouraged to explore all forms of media, and was instilled with the means to invoke his imagination.

Kenneth studied Art, Art History, and Literature at the University of Maryland for two years. The art, religions, and cultures of Asia served as an introduction to Buddhist philosophy, which led him to Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

The desire to connect with a larger art world brought Kenneth to California, where he graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in 2001. Since then, he has lived and worked as an independent, professional artist in Los Angeles. A visit to Tubac, Arizona in 2017 created an interest in establishing a desert retreat, which is now under construction in Rio Rico, AZ.  His current series of paintings, made with an automobile pin-striping tool, have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

 His current paintings are made primarily with a tool designed for pin-striping automobiles, which makes very fine and precise lines on subtly textured canvas. The paintings are complex fields created through the meditative and excessive repetition of simple, small lines in many colors.  Many of these works waver between representation and abstraction. 



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