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Garrison’s work conveys the power and intensity of the world around us while Zen influences convey his respect for all living things and cultures. He strives, via paint, to expose the essence of the subject and his interpretation of it.

Garrison’s thirty-year passion for expression shows itself in the breadth of his abstract expressionist art. His passion is to express and portray the reality vs. illusionary interplay of the human condition.

Prior to life as a full time artist, Garrison was the vice-president of a large construction and development firm based in California. His area of responsibility was the American southwest.

In his late forties, Garrison ‘dropped out’ of corporate life to follow his life’s love, art, and traded the city for the desert—vowing to make a living at only art. The artist describes the ensuing time as “years of pain, joy, success, failure, fear, confusion, and more joy. In a word, bliss.”

Over the years, Garrison has taken certain concepts to heart and incorporated them into his work. In particular, the artist believes that the muse exists in all of us, and occasionally, the cosmos comes together in a certain way that allows an artist to express it. All an artist can ever hope for is to come close to an idea or feeling.

For people who are considering an art purchase, Garrison has this advice: “If a painting touches something deep within you, feel moved and thankful. It’s your private evidence the world is talking to you through your soul.”

Garrison is a native of Arizona, currently living in the high desert southwest of Tucson, with his working studio in Tubac.

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