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“Early on I noticed that some families were musically inclined while others were into science or math. My family was definitely into art. My mother was a pastel artist who worked for Disney and my sister and I were always into one form of the visual arts or another. I don’t remember when I couldn’t draw and paint.” ~Cleo Teissedre

At the beginning of Cleo Teissedre’s career, her subjects were figures, landscapes, and still life. The artist made her living by creating portraiture.

Three people had a profound influence on Cleo’s career path. Her earliest mentor was her mother, followed by Cleo’s high school art teacher, who introduced the budding artist to figure drawing, drawing from life out of doors, still life, and lettering.

Later, Cleo took a workshop from Miles Batt and accomplished her first semi-abstract painting in watercolor. Says Cleo: “When the class ended Miles said, ‘Don’t ever stop painting.’ Encouraged and excited I’ve never looked back and I’ve been doing abstract ever since.”

Cleo believes that abstract imagery allows her the freedom to experiment with materials and enjoy the spontaneous and explosive effects as she executes the work.

Today, much of Cleo’s inspiration comes from Arizona, where she has made her home since 1960.

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