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“I am an artist.  Art isn’t my job.  It’s a way of life.  It’s about feelings and emotions, concepts and observations, saying what I have to say with paint.  I do my artwork for the love of it, for the fun of it, and to share what I see and feel.” ~Chuck Middlekauff

A Western Point of View on Nostalgic America and Cowboys

I was born in Massachusetts and raised as an “Air Force brat.” Riding with my two younger sisters in the back seat of our station wagon on cross-country trips to Dad’s new duty stations, I savored our stops at cafes, gas stations, tourist trap shops, and classic motels. With each transfer and new set of friends, I was the young “director” who, inspired by Saturday matinees, passed out cap guns and other props for cowboy and Indian games to all the neighborhood kids.

I never said, “I’m going to be an artist when I grow up.” I just fell into it. God gave me some talent, so I suppose I could always draw, but aside from the doodles I did to amuse kids at school, nobody ever asked me to draw or paint. As a typical teenager, and still showing no interest in art, I played guitar in a garage band, avidly listened to the Beach Boys, Beatles, and other music, and I occasionally skipped school to observe life first hand. Upon graduation from high school, I joined the Navy to explore even more of the world. Four years later, I went home to Austin, Texas, where my parents had retired. I went to drafting school and worked part time at an insurance company, where I met Carol. In a matter of months, I married her, graduated from drafting school, and we moved to Colorado. As we began to travel together, my ongoing wanderlust infected Carol. To prove it, we have put more than a million miles on various cars investigating most of the corners of the United States and Canada, and many more miles on trains across Europe.

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