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” Wildlife art has always come naturally to me, I have been fascinated by
both art and the outdoors for as long as I can remember.” ~Brandon Bailey

From as early as he can remember Brandon Bailey has had an immense interest in art.  From doing pencil drawings as a child and teenager, Brandon built a foundation which would lead into to a career as a fine artist.

brandon-baileyWhile in high school Bailey was commissioned by the Game and Fish of Wyoming to create drawings for their hunting regulations that are published worldwide.  During working with the game and fish, Brandon began to show his work at outdoor shows.  In 2010 while attending college, Brandon was invited to participate in the Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show and Sale, where he enjoyed a sellout show.  This first major show has propelled Bailey’s career as a full time western and wildlife artist.

In his work, Bailey tries to harmonize bold, loose brushstrokes with detailed focal points.  He paints subjects that he knows firsthand-whether it is a close encounter with a bull elk or being flung into the air by a cantankerous rodeo bull, those life experiences grant him the knowledge needed to render his subjects with the utmost integrity.


  • Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show and Sale 2010, 2011, 2012,2013
  • Safari Club International Annual Hunters Convention 2012, 2013,2014
  • Calgary Stampede’s Artist Showcase 2012,2013
  • Art of the American Cowboy 2010, 2011, 2012,2013
  • Southeastern Wildlife Expo 2013


  • Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show and Sale People’s Choice for “Sweethearts of the Rodeo” 2011
  • Cheyenne Frontier Days official poster artist for 2012
  • Official Poster/Featured Artist for 2012 Art of the American Cowboy

Are you interested in purchasing Brandon Bailey’s work? Please contact Rogoway Turquoise Tortoise Gallery for more information. Brandon was our featured artist for February, 2015.