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“My artwork is historically and culturally influenced, not historically or culturally correct.” ~Brubaker

For over forty years my artwork has focused on anthropomorphic western
characters. Exploring the delicate balance between animals and humans.

Sculpture and I got together in 1971, at the ceramics department of Illinois
Wesleyan University, in Bloomington Illinois. I found clay to be an effective way to
create three-dimensional objects, giving full form to what had always been very flat
on paper. Allowing the fantastic creatures of my imagination to exist in the round.
From that time on I have worked with stoneware clay, a strong, plastic, medium, a
material that I have become very good friends with. Good friends indeed.

In 1979 the first of the pieces that would determine my life’s artistic direction came out of the studio. ANTHROPOMORPHICS, I jumped in with both feet, humans
figures with animal skulls, deer heads, coyote faces, even a Cowboy Minotaur, all
nature of strange and wonderful fantasy beings. I was creating my own mythology.
Leaning heavily on the ancient works, through all of time humans have depicted
these half man half animal characters. I took my place in a long line.
Soon after, in 1985 “Bob Dog” was born, growing out of a nickname given to
me by a hunting buddy. It’s interesting how little things can have such a profound
impact on artistic expression. The Bob Dog character has gone through a lot of
changes, even stepping away from always being a dog, but the conjoined animal/
human form continues to be a mainstay in my artwork.
Working in stoneware clay, I create one-of-a-kind original ceramic sculptures.
Occasionally, I choose a piece to reproduce as a limited edition bronze. A number of
bronze sculptures have been enlarged for outdoor installation.
Home and studio are now in Santa Fe New Mexico.

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