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“My ability to find happiness, peace and to understand myself, has always been most easily expressed through horses.” ~Alex Alvis

Once Alex knew what a horse was, she drew, painted, and sculpted them.  But growing up in the suburbs meant borrowed time with horses – on her granddad’s ranch or at a friend’s house.  For Alex, horses symbolize the important qualities of confidence, strength, courage, and freedom, peace and beauty.  Horses are naturally emotionally wise, empathic and sensitive.  Often we find that in their presence we become more self-aware.

Alex and Mark Alvis

Alex and Mark Alvis

Alex’s expressionist style reflects the indefinable nature of the horse.  Art that is both flowing and static – minimalistic and specific – sculpture that occupies its own space while simultaneously existing in unexpected dimensions.Each horse is originally sculpted using light and fragile paper clay.  This challenging medium allows her to capture the muscle characteristics, facial expressions, details in the mane, tail, and hooves, and the essence of motion so characteristic of her work.  It is Alex’s goal to illustrate the significance of the spirit of equine life.  Her wish is that these sculptures symbolize everything horses are, and give all of that to you.

For Alex, as for many people – you have everything when you have horses.

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